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Watch The First Twenty Minutes Of Showtime's Shameless

After last night's awesome season finale of Dexter, Showtime aired the first twenty minutes of Shameless. As you may recall the new show is based on a British series of the same name and stars William H. Macy as an alcoholic father of an eclectic group of kids. If you're not sold by the time Macy's character explains what his family knows best near the three minute mark then you should probably rewind and watch it again. Shameless premieres January 9th at 10pm.

William H Macy Is A Happy Drunk In Showtime's Shameless Trailer

A while back we told you former child genius Donnie Smith, sometimes referred to as William H. Macy, was set to star as a drunk in a new series for Showtime with Emmy Rossum. As proof that wasn't just something we made up drunk on Bartles & Jaymes, today we have the first official trailer for Shameless. The premise certainly sets up some exciting possibilities that have no doubt been explored on the British series of the same name, but either way it looks like another good addition to the Showtime family, albeit without illegal drugs or serial killers. Shameless will premiere Sunday January 9th at 10pm, right after your drinking muscles have been exercised over the holidays.   [via warming glow]

Showtime Orders William H. Macy To Be An Alcoholic, Shameless

For those of you out there that love William H Macy as much as I do, today gives us reason to celebrate.  The owner of one of the world's greatest whispy mustaches, when he feels so inclined, will now be on a television show playing an alcoholic dad.  It's even going to be on Showtime so it probably won't suck.  Praise jebus.

Pay cabler has given a 12-episode order to a darkly comic drama series starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum from Warner Bros. TV and John Wells Prods. Macy plays Frank Gallagher, the alcoholic patriarch of a large blue-collar family in Chicago. Rossum co-stars as the eldest daughter, Fiona, who is tasked with raising her five siblings.

"Shameless" is based on the British TV series of the same name. Creator Paul Abbott co-wrote the pilot for the U.S. adaptation with Wells and will serve as an exec producer on the series. The pilot shot late last year was helmed by Mark Mylod ("Entourage," "United States of Tara").  [via variety]

Somewhere later in the article the producer references the show as "Party Of Five on acid".  I was never a fan of Party Of Five but I am a fan of acid so I guess we can just cancel those out.  Macy can literally play anything and this sounds like a role that is destined for an emmy nod, as well as some classic youtube montages of a passed out drunk.  Color me inebriated.  We'll update you with more when we hear it.