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Boardwalk Empire's Season Two Teaser Will Ruin All Of You

Welcome back Nucky! HBO has just released a teaser for season two of Boardwalk Empire and spoiler alert, it looks fantastic. Expanding business, Chalky White wanting revenge, Nucky Thompson vowing to ruin all of you, and of course the KKK, because nothing says Atlantic City like a pointy white hat. Must not have been labor day yet.

While there's no official season premiere date set, the show will return this fall, presumably to the Sunday night sweet spot, and hopefully teamed up with the upcoming David Milch written, Michael Mann directed Luck, starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte. Drinking and gambling have always been a natural, if not bankrupting, pair.

HBO's Boardwalk Empire Opens For Business September 19th

The incredibly awesome looking new HBO show Boardwalk Empire has just announced an official premiere date of Sunday September 19th at 9PM. Our feelings are pretty well documented about how awesome the Steve Buscemi starring show looks, but just in case you wanted to get a little bit more familiar with lead character Nucky Johnson I have included a character based promo video below.

The combination of fancy threads, bootlegging, hookers, and gambling has me all sorts of riled up. Amazing eyebrow owner Martin Scorsese is set to direct the pilot episode with Allen Coulter and Timothy Van Patten, who both worked with co-creator and writer Timothy Winter on The Sopranos, each directing some of their own episodes after the fact. Looks like Football Sundays just got a pretty amazing nightcap.

The Boardwalk Empire Trailer Is Drunk On Awesome


We had some news a ways back about the upcoming HBO drama Boardwalk Empire that was set to star Steve Buscemi as a Prohibition era bootlegger named Nucky Johnson.  I wish I was making that name up but on second thought I don't because this awesome show is going to have the main character go by the name Nucky.  And you can bet your sweet ass Nucky is going to be killing some people.  (You're welcome for skipping out on the nuckle sandwich joke I was prepping.)

Anyhoo, now we have the trailer for the show and holy bootlegged whiskey does it look sweet.  Unfortunately I am pretty sure Scorcese is only set to direct the pilot but I'm sure we can count on some competence filling all the vacated roles when he leaves.  You can check out more info on Boardwalk Empire over at the official site.

Also how great is the "This is America, what's stopping you" line.  Love it.   [via warming glow]

Steve Buscemi to Break the Law on HBO for Scorcese

Best Prohibition bootlegger in the world, self taught. Thanks Dad! This is certainly something I can get excited about, granted not enough to actually pay for premium movie channels instead of downloading their watchable shows on the internet. Martin Scorcese is developing a drama show for HBO called "Boardwalk Empire" and the latest rumors have the super hella awesome Steve Buscemi in the lead role.

Written by Terrence Winter and to be directed by Scorsese, "Empire" is based on Nelson Johnson's book, which chronicles the 1920s origins of Atlantic City, N.J. Buscemi would play Nucky Johnson, a cunning businessman who runs a liquor distribution ring at the onset of Prohibition. The Scotland-born Macdonald would play Margaret, a smart Irish immigrant who married the wrong man to get out of her parents' house.

So, Scorcese directing a period piece drama where Buscemi is a bootlegger. What are your thoughts on "Boardwalk Empire" and Marty directing some TV? I'm already looking for the download.