Brad Announces New Album United We Stand

Considering the amount of time that passed between the release of the last two albums from Seattle rockers Brad, a somewhat excrutiating eight years, I sort of assumed 2010's Best Friends was going to have to tide me over for a half decade at the very least. Thankfully the assume cliche did its thing as Shawn Smith and company have announced their fifth studio album United We Stand, set for an April 24th release. For the measley price of an email address, you can download the first single "A Reason To Be In My Skin" over at the official site. I'd recommend doing exactly that, the new song is a doozy.

For those that like good music or simply just want to see Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard playing in a really small rock club you should head to one of these newly announced shows. 
  • April 27 - Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA
  • May 3 - The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
  • May 4 - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

Brad Did A Daytrotter Session And It's Really Great, True Story

I missed posting this last week when it first hit the Daytrotter site but that wasn't because it's worth missing, I just was out of town and was out of my daily routine of Daytrotter listening. Boring story but worth mentioning only because it's a really fantastic session featuring SHA favorites Brad. As opposed to their recent publicity tour standards of "Low" and "Every Whisper", Shawn Smith and company stick to some of the softer numbers from their catalog, with the past albums represented by Welcome To Discovery Park's "Never Let Each Other Down" opening the set and Interior's "Upon My Shoulders" closing the set. Of course the band didn't forget about Best Friends? so you get "Bless Me Father" and "Price Of Love" sandwiched in the middle.

You can check out the silky smooth "Never Let Each Other Down" below to see that I'm serious about the really great part, then you should head over to the Daytrotter page and download it. For free, because Daytrotter is awesome. Also included to help satiate your Brad appetite there is a video of the band recording "Upon My Shoulders" from the session. Good Stuff.

Uncool Update: The video is sucking, you can check it out at the official Brad site.

Brad Bring Every Whisper And Low To Jimmy Kimmel

Prior to their domination of the Sunset Strip at The Roxy last night, Super Hella Awesome favorites Brad stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday to perform a couple tunes off of their latest SHA approved album Best Friends. The main number from the show "Every Whisper" follows the Brad formula to a tee: start off slow with some great Shawn Smith vocals then add instruments and rock softly. It's nice to see Shawn stuck in front of the mic without a keyboard or guitar as his vocals have always been his best instrument. Oh, and his voice sounds amazing. The band followed that up with "Low" which aired during the credits. Unfortunately this is the same exact set they brought to Fallon earlier this year but what can you do.

Music Video Of The Day: Brad - Believe In Yourself

Here is the first official video from Brad's awesome new album Best Friends?. While obnoxiously titled as Brad featuring Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, the Josh Taft directed video for "Believe In Yourself" really gets the whole Brad vibe across with its mood lighting and continuous motion, albeit at a chilled pace. More than any of the new tunes on the album, "Believe In Yourself" epitomizes the Shawn Smith worldview, a helpless dreamer looking for a sense of comfort and security, followed by the realization that it all comes from within. Good stuff, if you believe in yourself.

Brad Bring Low And Every Whisper To Fallon

Shawn Smith on late night television? Yes please. Once again Late Night with Jimmy Fallon takes the musical guest booking crown as last night featured what I'm pretty sure was the late night debut of SHA favorites Brad. The regular viewers were treated to the rocking first single "Low" off of the band's awesome new album Best Friends?, while the web exclusive got a bit of the tender side of Brad with a performance of the great "Every Whisper". Shawn's vocals sound pretty great throughout, but really shine on the latter. The band will be premiering a video for "Believe In Yourself" tomorrow so there's that to look forward to. Good times.


"Every Whisper"

Brad: Best Friends?

Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The standout track "Every Whisper" reminds us where we left off, “I get the sense that you and I haven’t spoken in so long. But you’re probably wondering where I’ve been.” For many fans of the unique, melodic pop rock outfit Brad, that is exactly right.

Although many fans of Brad may know exactly where each member of the band has been that doesn’t mean they haven’t been anxiously waiting for them to get together again. The dedicated fan-base, just like I’m sure the band itself, are happy to find any way they can to capture the imagination and passion of life they remember celebrating with the band when they were first introduced now seventeen plus years ago. Many Shawn Smith, Regan Hagar, and Stone Gossard (and Mike Berg!) fans by now are used to being a little bit more patient with the band as they recognize they are working “Hey Mon” like hours with other musicians as well. For a band that has released five full length LPs over the years, they sure spend a lot of time apart and get a lot done when they are not together.

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Brad Set To Release Best Friends August 10th

A few months back our world was heavy with Shawn Smith news with the reunion of Satchel, a new Brad album on the horizon, and even getting the gang back together with Steve Fisk for some Pigeonhead. The train is still rolling hard as Satchel is honing the live show up in Seattle with some occasional Brad gigs sprinkled in, including a last minute addition to last month's Sasquatch festival.

Now we have news of the official release date for the new Brad album Best Friends?.  The twelve song set will be released August 10th through Monkeywrench Records and will be available through Pearl Jam's Ten Club "in due course". For those that want to hear a sample from the record, the tune "Runnin For Cover" is still available as a free download through the Brad Corporation site. You can also check out the kickass promo video for the album below.

No word yet on when Satchel's Hearthache & Honey will be available online, so your only current option for picking up the album is through a live show which in a way is sort of a double win. Good times.

Download Runnin' For Cover Off Brad's New Album

For the price of your email address you can download the track Runnin' For Cover off the upcoming Brad album Best Friends.  Pretty standard Shawn ballad built over an acoustic guitar.  Sounds like something you could hear in a dentist's office and I mean that in a good way somehow.  It's the last track on the new album and definitely seems like a nice smooth closer.

Head on over to the official site and click the free download link to get the song.  You will have to enter an email that you can actually check because you have to confirm your subscription to the mailing list before getting the download link, but all things considered that's not too steep of a price for a nice new Brad song.  Besides, you should probably have an email account for just this type of thing by now anyway.

Of course if you too are excited about all this Shawn Smith/Satchel/Brad goodness you can catch the real thing at their upcoming show in Seattle.   Rock.

Brad Announces New Album Best Friends, Gig With Friends

I guess when it rains Shawn Smith, it really pours.  Not only is that whole Satchel reunion thing going on, but now there is also news of a soon to be released Brad album, the side project Shawn enjoys with his most famous friend, guitarist Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam.  The album titled Best Friends is set to be "released in the US very shortly" and will be available through the Ten Club, and presumably most digital outlets too.

What fun is a new album without a gig though?  Apparently not much as the band has just announced the extremely awesome sounding An Intimate Evening With Brad and Friends set for March 14th at the Showbox at the Market in SeattleFor this specific intimate evening the band will be joined by Satchel and the Hank Choir, while some of the friends that will be featured include Jeff Ament, Bruce Fairweather, Greg Gilmore, Kevin Wood, and Steve Fisk.  The announcement even includes the acknowledgement that Brad will indeed be playing tunes from their new album.  Good times.

Tickets for the show go on sale today March 3rd at 10am PST through the Ten Club with a general onsale set to take place March 5th, same bat time.  The public onsale will take place through Ticketmaster right here.   Good luck.

Best Friends Tracklist

1. Price of Love
2. Without Regret
3. Rush Hour
4. Believe in Yourself
5. Every Whisper
6. One Love Remaining
7. Low
8. Oh My Goodness
9. Luxury Car
10. Bless Me Father
11. Holiday
12. Runnin' For Cover