Fiona Apple

Stream Fiona Apple's New Typically Awesome Long-Titled Album

Posts have admittedly been few and far between lately but I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't pass along the greatness of Fiona Apple's first album in seven years streaming online. She's the best. I can't talk much now because I'm just about to listen to it a hundred times in a row.

As per usual you can thank the fine folks over at NPR for the stream. Then buy The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw, And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do when it comes out June 19th. Then go see Fiona on tour. Then pray for a shorter wait for the next album.

Fiona Apple Announces Short Tour

It's all happening people, Fiona is hitting the road. After a handful of sold out shows with her pals over at Largo towards the end of last year, the great Fiona Apple is now hitting the road for a short tour, her first since backing 2005's fantastic Extraordinary Machine. The best part is these gigs will presumably be showing off some of her new material, at least if that guy from that tv show that makes records is to be believed.

Tickets for the newly announced shows aside from the SXSW appearance go on sale this Friday, February 24th. Get them while you can as these shows certainly will sell out. Hooray Fiona, welcome back.

For links and such head over to her official site.

  • 03/15 – Austin, TX @ Central Presbyterian Church (SXSW) 
  • 03/19 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall 
  • 03/21 – Washington, DC @ Sixth and I 
  • 03/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 
  • 03/24 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Music Box 
  • 03/26 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom 
  • 03/27 – Boston, MA @ Royale

James Dolan's Drummer Says He's Working On A New Fiona Apple Album

Holy Danza there's a lot of amazing in this story. First off the gist is that Fiona Apple is working on new music for an actual album, her first since 2005's incredibly awesome Extraordinary Machine. The source of this news is where the amazing comes in to play. Over the weekend Michelle Branch tweeted that she heard a couple new Fiona songs that were "amazing". This could have meant anything but the fine people over at Antiquiet did some digging and unearthed a Modern Drummer article on Charley Drayton that has one of the most unbelievable paragraphs I have ever read.

Among Charley’s current projects is playing, co-producing, and mixing Fiona Apple’s upcoming record, scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011. Recently Charley toured with the reunited Simon & Garfunkel. And this past summer he worked as musical director of Cablevision/MSG productions CEO Jim Dolan’s band, JD & the Straightshot, who opened for the Eagles on their stadium tour. Currently the band is getting ready to head out on the road for a few more dates with the Eagles in the fall.

I'm still having trouble deciding what's the most amazing part of this story: Fiona actually putting out material or the fact that the drummer for James Dolan's band is heavily involved? That's before you even get to the part that clearly states JD & the Straight Shot not only opened for The Eagles before, but they are going to again. Mind blowing stuff. Just in case you were curious you can check out Dolan and the rest of his band doing their thing below.

Listen To Fiona Apple's Duet With Margaret Cho Hey Big Dog

For whatever reason comedian Margaret Cho has never really tickled my funny bone, but as any good lady knows, the way to a man's heart, and more specifically mine, is via Fiona Apple. Making the crossover to music, Cho will release Cho Dependent on August 24th featuring "comedy songs" with the likes of the previously mentioned expressway to our heart Fiona Apple as well as Jon Brion, Brendan Benson, Andrew Bird, and others. You can find more info about the project over at the official site but for now let's just listen to the tract that features Fiona where she's not sounding all that comedic, yet still sounding incredibly awesome.  [via twenty four bit]

"Hey Big Dog" featuring Fiona Apple & Ben Lee, written with Patty Griffin

Zach Galifianakis And Fiona Apple Up In Them Guts

Sorry to double dip on Chad Farthouse today but it happens.  This song is apparently from 2006 but somehow it has eluded me for all this time.  It's a song by Zach Galifianakis called Up In Them Guts that features his friend and sometime music maker Fiona Apple singing the unbelievably great hook, "If you show me your fanny pack, I'll show you my fanny".  We also get to learn a little something about what the British people call a fanny. 

For those that don't remember this isn't the first time Fiona and Zach have been kicking it together.  The video for Not About Love from Fiona's excellent Extraordinary Machine features Galifianakis lip-synching the entire song, with passion.  You can check it out below for a refresher if you are so inclined.

Also, Fiona, how about a new album?

Fiona Apple Is Alive, As Awesome As Ever

For those of you who have never been to a show at Largo at the Coronet, it is worth noting that they are technology nazis, in the sense that they don't allow cameras, phones, or even talking really.  It's a nice refreshing change of pace, but it also makes it hard to get amazing clips like the one above.  We have youtuber Idi0cracy to thank for risking life and limb to get us this amazing clip from last Saturday's Haiti benefit Fiona & Friends. 

In the super unfortunate department I did not even learn about this show until the Monday after it occurred, but my guess would be that it was amazing.  According to some youtube comments Fiona didn't play any of her own tracks but instead tackled some covers and Nickle Creek songs.  Here she is dominating the Billie Holliday tune He's Funny That Way.  As per usual, she sounds absolutely fantastic.  Nice to know she is still making pretty music.  Now if we could just have someone convince her to make another amazing album.

Thanks to SHA user mshields for the video link.