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Jimmy Fallon Channels Eddie Vedder With Linsanity Infused "Jeremy"

Jimmy Fallon once again brought the thunder in his pop culture cover song while impersonating a legendary artist bit, this time focusing on everyone's favorite Harvard basketball player Jeremy Lin. The wonderful cover choice was none other than Pearl Jam's "Jeremy", a not so subtle nod to the fact that if the media doesn't stop talking about Lin like he's Tony Danza, Jimmy Fallon is going to go all high school shooting on our asses. Thankfully he gets the message across in the poignant nod, going so far as to call the New York Knicks latest overhyped sensation a Harvard nerd. Your move Louis Skolnick.

As an aside it's still worth pointing out, even after the years of proof we now have, that Jimmy Fallon has the best talk show on television. Jimmy Fallon, for reals. 

Brad Announces New Album United We Stand

Considering the amount of time that passed between the release of the last two albums from Seattle rockers Brad, a somewhat excrutiating eight years, I sort of assumed 2010's Best Friends was going to have to tide me over for a half decade at the very least. Thankfully the assume cliche did its thing as Shawn Smith and company have announced their fifth studio album United We Stand, set for an April 24th release. For the measley price of an email address, you can download the first single "A Reason To Be In My Skin" over at the official site. I'd recommend doing exactly that, the new song is a doozy.

For those that like good music or simply just want to see Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard playing in a really small rock club you should head to one of these newly announced shows. 
  • April 27 - Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA
  • May 3 - The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
  • May 4 - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

Pearl Jam Announces PJ20 Labor Day Details With The Strokes, Mudhoney

We've known for a long time that Pearl Jam was going to host a festival-like event this summer to celebrate the band's twentieth anniversary. Unfortunately we didn't know when or where, although "somewhere in the middle of the country" was thrown out to help us narrow it down. Today the band has finally answered this question officially, confirming the long rumored shenanigans will take place at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin over Labor Day weekend. The latest anniversary celebrating is of course in addition to the numerous reissues the band has put together this year, as well as the upcoming Cameron Crowe directed documentary of the band rumored to be out in the early fall. Woo hoo, Pearl Jam fun.

As for the actual concert the term festival should probably be thrown out and replaced with "guest heavy shows" or something along those lines as each day will be ticketed separately and seemingly nothing will be all that different from a normal show than the amount of openers. Don't get me wrong the openers have some firepower in The Strokes, Mudhoney and Queens of the Stone Age, but they're also going the songwriter route with Liam Finn, Joseph Arthur and Glen Hasnard. For safety's sake we'll leave punk legend John Doe in his own classificiation. It certainly sounds like a grand old time but let's be honest, this is only slightly more appealing than your standard Pearl Jam show, which isn't exactly a bad thing.

What is a bad thing is how the band's biggest fans, those who are paid members of the Ten Club, are somewhat getting the shaft from their favorite musicians. To obtain fan club tickets you must buy tickets to both shows but you only have two options: The "Reserved/GA Weekend Package" or a "General Admission Weekend Package". "Well those don't seem all that bad!" you shout in your corduroy and flannel. Fine, maybe not to you, but what if they replace the words "general admission" with "lawn". How does that sound? Essentially all that's happening here is that if you are a member of the Ten Club and you want to go to see Pearl Jam's special anniversary show in Wisconsin you have to buy at least one lawn ticket to the show. The same lawn tickets people will be trying to give away outside because nobody ever wants to sit in the lawn unless they are under the legal drinking age. Paying for the privelage to not be able to get reserved seats to both nights is insulting, and I'm not even a Ten Club member.

Pearl Jam Set To Host Their Own Music Festival In 2011

Holy flannel shirts Batman! In awesome news I can't believe might be real but seems to be of the day, the scrumptrulescent music blog Consequence of Sound is reporting that Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis recently announced the band will be hosting their own music festival this summer to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The announcement came during an interview on the band's new Sirius/XM radio program, which in and of itself is pretty radical. For those spoiled PJ fans up in the pacific northwest that immediately starting celebrating the obvious choice of The Gorge as the venue, the only other specifics given were that the festival would not be held in Seattle and would be "somewhere in the middle of the country". So yeah, clear your schedules.

Buffalo Springfield Reunion And Pearl Jam Head 2010 Bridge School Lineup

The lineup for the 24th annual Bridge School Benefit has just been announced and it has some heavy heapings of awesome. Heading this year's festivities slated for October 23rd and 24th at Shoreline Ampitheater will be a Buffalo Springfield reunion along with Benefit stalwarts Pearl Jam. Other acts helping out the good cause include Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, Modest Mouse, Grizzly Bear, and Billy Idol. Sunday's festivities will have the added bonus of T-Bone Burnett's Speaking Clock Revue which will feature Burnett's current collaborators Elton John and Leon Russell, as well as Elvis Costello, Neko Case, Ralph Stanley, and Jeff Bridges. Say what? The Dude abides.

Tickets go on sale this Sunday September 19th at 10am PST from the usual suspects.

Saturday Lineup:

Buffalo Springfield
Pearl Jam
Elvis Costello
Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson
Lucinda Williams
Billy Idol
Jackson Browne and David Lindley
Modest Mouse
Grizzly Bear

Sunday Lineup:

Buffalo Springfield
Pearl Jam
T-Bone Burnett’s Speaking Clock Revue featuring Elton John & Leon Russell, Elvis Costello, Ralph Stanley, Neko Case and Jeff Bridges
Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson
Modest Mouse
Grizzly Bear

[via hidden track]

Watch Dave Grohl Help Pearl Jam Kick Out The Jams

This is dangerously close to anti-American activity, but since one of the official Knights of Awesome is involved we should probably post it. There's some Belgian music festival called Rock Werchter that had the audacity to have America's own Pearl Jam headline their 4th of July festivities, and even though I don't see an American flag on stage, I do see fireworks, which clearly only exist in the United States so at least there's a nod to the good ole US of A. Of course I'm not sure who deserves the credit for the american activities, Pearl Jam or their knighted guest, Mr David Grohl, who also brought along his Them Crooked Vultures bandmate Allan Johaines for a cover of the MC5 tune "Kick Out The Jams."

It's hard to focus on anything in this shaky-at-best video but I'm pretty sure you will catch plenty of McCready soloing with the guitar behind his head and the aformentioned Grohl dominating the tambourine like nobody's business. Maybe he's moved on to a new instrument after seeing the video evidence that he is no longer the world's greatest drummer (that isn't in Phish). I'm assuming Josh Homme couldn't make it as he is still working on his side-project with Samwell.  [via CoS]

Pearl Jam Release Amongst The Waves Video For The Good Of The Oceans

Pearl Jam have just posted an official video for "Against The Waves'' off of last year's incredibly awesome Backspacer. Say what you will about Eddie Vedder and the gang but their care for the world in which we live in is certainly up there with the best the music world has to offer. The latest effort sees the band using the crisis in the gulf as a way to remind everyone to help and take care of those vital resources we collectively know as oceans. The video will be available on iTunes starting July 6th, with proceeds benefiting Conservation International's Ocean Campaign.

The band has eleven things you can do to look after the ocean over at their website, which you should definitely check out. That would be a lot of copy and paste to include it all so I'm just going to hit you with the intro.

There is only one Ocean for everyone and everything.

It is a finite, precious resource under tremendous economic and environmental pressure. Look after it.


- Cover 70% of the earth’s surface

- Provide up to 80% of the oxygen we breathe

- Are the protein source for 1 in 4 people worldwide

- Are home to 50% of all known species on earth

In summary oceans are important. As for the video it's a fantastic mix of the topic at hand with some live Pearl Jam thrown in. The video was directed by Ryan Thomas and Brendan Canty with water cinematography provided by Daren Crawford. Unfortunately we get some Debbie Downer at the end but it makes sense all things considered. Enjoy the video below then buy it on July 6th so you can have it on your iPod when you are cleaning up the beach. Good stuff.

Pearl Jam Debut New Song Of The Earth Live

Thanks to the fine folks over at the hurricane of awesome known as Consequence of Sound we have the audio from Tuesday night's debut of the new Pearl Jam song "Of The Earth". The band was marking the beginning of their European tour at The O2 in Dublin, Ireland when they decided to break out the b-side. Our last foray into the new Pearl Jam song business was only slightly successful as the tune in question is apparently an Eddie Vedder solo song for the upcoming estrogen heavy Julia Roberts film Eat, Pray, Love. You can check out the new tune below, what are your thoughts?

Of The Earth

Listen To An Unreleased Pearl Jam Song Better Days

Did someone say new Pearl Jam music? Don't mind me I'm just here for the gang bang. The fine folks over at Antiquiet found an mp3 posted at the band's Monkey Wrench Records label's website, presumably intended for manager Kelly Curtis. Either way they ripped and uploaded it so we should all give them a collective internet hug if you've got the time. The tune in question is called "Better Days" and is rumored to be a b-side from the recording of Riot Act.  Either way it sounds really good, enjoy.

Also is that accordion? Good times.

Pearl Jam Cover Ain't Talking Bout Love In Hartford

Pearl Jam are currently in the midst of their May tour, which found them in Hartford, CT last night. Somehow this prompted  the band to debut a new cover dedicated to the UCONN womens basketball team. Eddie and I have never seen eye to eye on dedications. Either way we get the band doing their own take on some early Van Halen, which of course epitomizes Super Hella Awesome. Enjoy as McCready does his best EVH impersonation while Eddie Vedder filters David Lee Roth as the band rips through Ain't Talking Bout Love off of Van Halen's self titled 1978 debut. Rock.   [via all thats sacred]