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Brad Announces New Album United We Stand

Considering the amount of time that passed between the release of the last two albums from Seattle rockers Brad, a somewhat excrutiating eight years, I sort of assumed 2010's Best Friends was going to have to tide me over for a half decade at the very least. Thankfully the assume cliche did its thing as Shawn Smith and company have announced their fifth studio album United We Stand, set for an April 24th release. For the measley price of an email address, you can download the first single "A Reason To Be In My Skin" over at the official site. I'd recommend doing exactly that, the new song is a doozy.

For those that like good music or simply just want to see Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard playing in a really small rock club you should head to one of these newly announced shows. 
  • April 27 - Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA
  • May 3 - The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
  • May 4 - Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

Brad Set To Release Best Friends August 10th

A few months back our world was heavy with Shawn Smith news with the reunion of Satchel, a new Brad album on the horizon, and even getting the gang back together with Steve Fisk for some Pigeonhead. The train is still rolling hard as Satchel is honing the live show up in Seattle with some occasional Brad gigs sprinkled in, including a last minute addition to last month's Sasquatch festival.

Now we have news of the official release date for the new Brad album Best Friends?.  The twelve song set will be released August 10th through Monkeywrench Records and will be available through Pearl Jam's Ten Club "in due course". For those that want to hear a sample from the record, the tune "Runnin For Cover" is still available as a free download through the Brad Corporation site. You can also check out the kickass promo video for the album below.

No word yet on when Satchel's Hearthache & Honey will be available online, so your only current option for picking up the album is through a live show which in a way is sort of a double win. Good times.

Download Runnin' For Cover Off Brad's New Album

For the price of your email address you can download the track Runnin' For Cover off the upcoming Brad album Best Friends.  Pretty standard Shawn ballad built over an acoustic guitar.  Sounds like something you could hear in a dentist's office and I mean that in a good way somehow.  It's the last track on the new album and definitely seems like a nice smooth closer.

Head on over to the official site and click the free download link to get the song.  You will have to enter an email that you can actually check because you have to confirm your subscription to the mailing list before getting the download link, but all things considered that's not too steep of a price for a nice new Brad song.  Besides, you should probably have an email account for just this type of thing by now anyway.

Of course if you too are excited about all this Shawn Smith/Satchel/Brad goodness you can catch the real thing at their upcoming show in Seattle.   Rock.

Review: Satchel Reunion In Seattle

Satchel Reunion Show Hits Seattle Like a Freight Train; Seattle Likes It

Many of the dedicated Satchel fans throughout the years have followed singer Shawn Smith throughout his time with other projects, including solo material and other work with friends Regan, Steve Fisk, & "Brad" since the essential break up of the band 13 years ago.  Shawn's other projects have been dynamic but have also tended to sway toward more groove, pop or balled oriented rock including many songs that are essentially piano constructed from their nascent (excluding From the North).  But as a dedicated Satchel fan who had the pleasure of seeing the big reunion show at the Crocodile Cafe last week, I am deeply apologetic.  As much as I hyped up the show in my head ad nauseum beforehand, for some reason I never imagined Satchel rocking the shit out of that place.  And I am sorry for that.  And yes, I was expecting a rocking show, but not like that.  It was a lot of guitars, bass, and drums and ears were ringing.  If you can exempt the wonderful vocal work of Shawn Smith, then the rockingness is the story of the night.  'New Satchel Songs Live' is probably the headline after that.  And somewhere you also need to mention that guitarist John Hoag is talented, has really long hair, and is a big part of the Satchel sound.  John laid down much of the known EDC laced octaves on the electric guitar this evening and played some keyboard as well. And again, no jokes about the rocking.  It was guitars, bass, and drums to your face.  Ears were ringing.

Review: Shawn Smith Solo In Portland

Super Hella Awesome secret agent Mr. Pink was lucky enough to catch Shawn Smith opening for the Super Sonic Soul Pimps in Portland.  Here are his thoughts on the show.

Northwest singer/songwriter Shawn Smith brought his unique solo act to Berbati's Pan in support of the Super Sonic Souls last Friday in Portland.  The Souls' were introducing their first album in 13 years and allowed Shawn to walk them down the isle as he opened the show and later played along on the new Souls' track "The Song", which he also sings on the album.  Shawn made sure to do the show justice with a brilliant opening act by all accounts.  Shawn's chilling, dynamic voice had the crowd silent and in awe as many times as he had them cheering with his creative and inspiring songs. As the opener, there was no time for messing around so Shawn brought his hits that featured his skill of creating great stories about hope complimented with uplifting, escalating melodies. Shawn's most revered and epic songs have shared wonderful, climatic endings often wrenched with hope and desire.  Shawn displayed several on Friday including the EDC hit "Suffering" and the Sopranos '"exit music for a film" ending' "Wrapped In My Memory".  

Shawn appeared to be in good spirits as his former band Satchel reunites next week after a decade plus hiatus.  I know this because I got unbelievable stoned and drunk for the show and hounded him like a 12 year old girl at a Hannah Montana show until he told me so after his set. Satchel will also hope to feature songs from their new album, "Heartache & Honey" during their breakout show at the Crocodile Cafile next Thursday, February 18th.  The faithful fans of Shawn Smith, Regan Hagar, and John Hoag will be sure to expect to hear their fair share of hits from first album "EDC" as well as the softer follow up "The Family" too.  Many fans will remember the former group from their efforts on the Lollapolooza tour during the same year that the Screeming Trees and Metallica agreed to help out.  Many will remember Shawn from his other creative side gig with great producer Steve Fisk called Pigeonhed and the band Brad, played along with their other friend Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam.  But for those of us lucky fans who were in Portland Friday, we will also get to remember Satchel as the band that has "the guy with the amazing voice and the amazing songs who killed it in Portland".  As Shawn belted out during the curious "Not Too Late" toward the end of the show, "it's not too late to see".  Luckily for fans of Shawn Smith and Satchel, that remains true all around.


Shawn Smith Solo Set In Portland Tonight!

Seattle legend Shawn Smith of Satchel, Pigeonhead, Brad, and solo fame will be opening for Super Sonic Soul Pimps tonight, February 12th, at Berbat's Pan in Portland.  Sorry for the lack of advance notice but I just found out myself.  Luckily Super Hella Awesome happens to have a secret agent in Portland to *hopefully* report on the show for us.  We'll keep you updated.  Of course the real excitement takes place next week when Satchel takes the stage for the first time in 13 years.

If you're on the fence about going and wondering what this Shawn Smith character is all about why don't you check out the shaky but nice little video below of Shawn rocking Buttercup.