The Darkness

The Darkness Get Animated For "Nothin's Gonna Stop Us"

Here is the newest song from the best British band of our generation, and no Radiohead fans I didn't forget about them. As fans of The Darkness have come to expect, the new tune "Nothin's Gonna Stop Us" comes with an amazing video, this time of the animated variety albeit with a Prince cameo (our Prince not theirs). Rolling Stone premiered the video earlier today and had this little blurb to share:

"The video turned out ace. I've always been a fan of Thom Lessner's illustrations, so I was delighted when he and Ted Passon agreed to make it," says frontman Justin Hawkins. "They have really captured the vibe of the song. I've watched the video a thousand times already and I love every second of it. I suppose 'Nothin's Gonna Stop Us' has matured like a fine wine and Thom Lessner and Ted Passon are our master sommeliers. I knew they wouldn't cork it. Bottoms up!"

Aces mate, aces. The brothers Hawkins and company have been doing the reunited thing over the last year on the other side of the pond, but thankfully that's all about to change as the band is bringing their in your face rock stateside starting with tonight's sold out show in Toronto. If you have no heart conditions or an allergy to rock music I strongly suggest checking out one of their upcoming shows.

Air handlebar mustache for the win.

Are The Darkness Thinking Reunion?

While reading some gossip on a UK music blog this morning, I found some unbelievably fantastic news about The Darkness, so much so that I went and put on my skin-tight zebra 80s rocker pants and started pumping  [amazon B0000AZKM0] ridiculously loud for an early Thursday morning. 

But now frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS and his brother DAN have patched up their differences and are working together again.

The duo have been demoing new material in Justin's studio in Lowestoft.

And if they're happy with the results of their sessions they intend to reunite the rockers who had a string of Top Tens and a No1 album during 2003 and 2004.

A source said: "If their stuff is liked by label staff they will attempt to reunite The Darkness." [the sun]

Then I got ready to let you special people in on the news only to check the SHA twitter feed, and get a swift kick to the balls by man rock overlord Justin Hawkins himself.

  Don't believe everything you read!  [via]

Bastards!  Hopefully he's just having some fun, color me skeptical.  Either way Justin Hawkins is staying somewhat busy.  He's on the awesome Steel Panther album, he wrote and plays on a track on the Adam Lambert record, and of course he's got that kickass band Hot Leg.  Last but not least he is one of the key songwriters behind the new Meatloaf album.  I shit you not.  It is going to be awesome.

Hopefully this video of Mr Hawkins rocking out on a flying white tiger is some day repeated, in HD.

Justin Hawkins Mustache Is So Awesome It Fights Cancer

Some of you out there at the higher end of the awesome spectrum are probably well aware of Movember.  Hell some of you have probably been Movembering the shit out of your face for the last two weeks.  That being said you may be unaware that some people that undoubtedly dabble in the realm of awesome are participating in a mustache growing contest for charity, complete with donations and everything.  Think of it as a hit-a-thon for awesome people.

As with any competition Super Hella Awesome likes to pick a side, and then gamble on the outcome.  Our selection for this year's Movember king of awesome is none other than man-rock overlord Justin Hawkins.  Yes that Justin Hawkins, he of The Darkness and Hot Leg fame.  If you feel like giving cancer a swift kick to the balls you can do your part by donating to anyone partaking in Movember, but really, look at this god damn stache.  So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Justin's Movember page, and donate, and kill cancer, dead. 

Justin Hawkins Movember

Justin's motivation is to grow a mustache that will really get people thinking.