Furthur Headlining Outside Lands Gets Us To Analyze The Lineup Clues

The latest issue of Rolling Stone lists Furthur as one of the headliners for this year's Outside Lands festival. In honor of the awesomeness that is that news let's give you a rundown of Ranger Dave's clues and our subsequent guesses to the artists. The full lineup will be announced on Tuesday June 1 via video on www.sfweekly.com at 9am PST and will hit the OSL website at 11am.  For now let's get down to wild (mildly researched) guessing, in bold of course.

  1. ranger dave will be serving white russians. (louisville, ky)  - My Morning Jacket*
  2. ranger dave feasts on big city burritos in the town where rams roam. (fort collins, co) - Pretty Lights
  3. ranger dave loves hanging in woodstock, ny around midnight. (woodstock, ny) - The Levon Helm Band*
  4. ranger dave used to be a robot. (los angeles, ca) - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  5. ranger dave loves his southern california punk rock from fullerton. (fullerton, ca) - Social Distortion
  6. ranger dave is part arab, part jewish and a little french canadian. (montreal, canada) - Chromeo
  7. ranger dave worships this infamous black rock DJ. (san francisco, ca) - Bassnectar
  8. ranger dave digs brass bands from Treme. (new orleans, la) - Dirty Dozen Brass Band
  9. ranger dave is wondering what glendale, mesa, tempe and scottsdale have in common. (versailles, france) - Phoenix*
  10. ranger dave likes his grass from santa cruz via vermont. (santa cruz, ca) - Devil Makes Three
  11. ranger dave is the reverend of love with single stem roses for the ladies. (memphis, tn) - Al Green*
  12. ranger dave is in a japanese fraternal order with steve guttenberg. (newmarket, ontario) - Tokyo Police Club
  13. ranger dave has to travel to mali to find the blues. (niafunke, mali) - Vieux Farka Toure
  14. ranger dave will then backpack to nigeria on his way to germany to cleanse his soul. (warri, nigeria) - Nneka
  15. ranger dave raises dionaea muscipula with bad attitudes (melbourne, australia) - The Temper Trap
  16. ranger dave is getting frisky. he's scared of the ghosts on the roof. (los angeles, ca) - ??
  17. ranger dave has smuggled ukrainian books through staten island. (new york city, ny) - Gogol Bordello
  18. ranger dave is floating on the other sea. (new orleans, la) - ??
  19. ranger dave is a fan of this french impressionist painter. (kansas city, ks) - Janelle Monae
  20. ranger dave is a friend of felines big and small. (miami, fl) - ??
  21. simon says ranger dave is cruising the pacific coast highway in west LA county. (malibu, ca) - Dawes

The asteriks represent bands that have been confirmed through various outlets like Spin and Rolling Stone. Other bands that were confirmed without clues would include Gossip, Black Star, Nas & Damian Marley, Kings Of Leon, and of course the previously mentioned Furthur. 

So, what did we miss, what are we insanely wrong about? Any other guesses?  Info? Comment away Outside Landsers.

[Help from City Sound Inertia, and Consequence of Sound. Furthur confirmation via Rolling Stone here.]