Hello! Stream The Cast Recording Of The Book Of Mormon

Of all the exciting new album streams around these parts lately, I'm not sure I can pretend any had me as excited as what is currently gracing the interwebs courtesy of NPR in the form of the cast recording for The Book Of Mormon from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Avenue Q's Robert Lopez. From all accounts the real thing is as great as you would expect if you have a working sense of humor, but this is the first time anyone that hasn't visited New York in 2011 has had a chance to hear some of the tunes. As a surprise to absolutely nobody they're amazing. Since a run through the album gives a good semblance of plot I don't want to talk too much about it, but I'd strongly recommend a listen or ten for fans.

As of now "Just like Jesus I'm growing a pair" may be might favorite line, but it certainly was not an easy decision. The album will see a digital release on May 17th and a physical release on June 7th. That's what she said.

Watch A Moving Tribute To Cinema's Finest Sandwiches

Outside Lands just announced their food lineup and then I got all hungry because I saw they added a grilled cheese place. If that wasn't enough I started catching up on what's been happening on the interwebs by checking out The Daily What and stumbled upon this absolutely mouth-watering doozy of a supercut: Greatest Movie Sandwiches. Having heard an amazing concept like that your mind must clearly be racing to Clark Griswold's urine sandwich dance, and I can happily confirm its inclusion, as well as the famous sandwich that my new death metal band is named after: Busey's Meatballs.

Music Video Of The Day: Eddie Vedder - Longing To Belong

The first we mentioned Eddie Vedder's upcoming solo album Ukulele Songs came with a nice pro-shot video of the Pearl Jam frontman performing "You're True", which was presumably footage taken direct from the concert film Water On The Road. Today we again have a post combining the two, like peanut butter and jelly, or switchblades and dancing depending on your preferences. What you will find above is the official video for the album's first single "Longing To Belong". It's really got it all as you get some HD ocean, some lo-fi ocean, some dressed up Eddie, some blurry Eddie, and some more ocean for good measure. That being said it's fun to look at and the song is really great.

The second bit of news isn't really news at all, more just an image I noticed while perusing the pre-order options for Ukulele Songs, which includes a Deluxe Songbook edition that comes with the cd as well as "100 + pages of music charts, lyrics, photos and ukulele tips, beautifully bound and printed on fine paper." The image in question is the DVD cover of the aforementioned film that will be released on May 31st, the same day as the album. Good times out there in Eddie land, now if they could just release those festival details.

Remeber, you can click on it to make it grow. That's what she said.

Stream Wild Beasts' Awesome New Album Smother

We're only at the beginning of May and 2011 has already seen its fair share of fantastic new music whether it be super huge bands like Radiohead or the Foo Fighters, new bands like Middle Brother, or even old bands you never thought would get back together like The Cars. Thankfully this isn't a best of seven series or anything and we still have seven months ahead for even more goodness, but it's worth noting this month is especially strong. When Okkervil River's magnificent I Am Very Far hits shelves next week it will be joined by another really great album, Wild Beasts' Smother. I also say this coming from an extreme place of power in the sense that I've already listened to the album and I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

The follow up to 2009's Two Dancers, and the bands third full length sees the four piece extending the formula that has worked so well thus far, exemplified with the new album's wonderful single "Albatross". We'll try and get a review up soon enough but for now just enjoy the stream in all its legal authorized glory.  [via the guardian]

Phish Offer Up Live In Utica Preview With A Tease Heavy "David Bowie"

It's great being a Phish fan, especially if you like seemingly semi-annual official dvd releases. The latest bit of recorded goodness comes in the form of Live In Utica which features the band's complete performance from their visit to the Utica Memorial Auditorium on October 20th, 2010. If you like really great setlists and exciting playing this one is a doozy, which is why the preview of "David Bowie" is so perfect. The fourteen plus minute version lets you in on just how much fun the boys were having that night, none moreso than Trey who goes above and beyond his usual puppeteer measures with some serious "Guyute" and "Wilson" teases. Summer can't get here soon enough.

Pre-orders are currently underway over at Dry Goods that will include the bonus cd compilation Phish: I-90's, which "follows the band along the I-90 New York Thruway". Live In Utica is scheduled to hit stores on May 24th. Amazingly there are still tickets left for many of Phish's upcoming summer tour dates, except for Leg II which pretty much sold out in the blink of a salamander. Note to Phish: the west coast loves you, promise. Head on over to the official site for more details.

PHISH - Live In Utica 2010 Tracklisting
DVD Disc One

1. My Soul
2. Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan
3. Vultures
4. Wolfman's Brother
5. Cities >
6. Guyute
7. David Bowie
8. Wilson >
9. McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters >
10. Saw It Again >
11. Run Like An Antelope

DVD Disc Two
1. Drowned >
2. Sand >
3. Theme From The Bottom >
4. Axilla >
5. Birds Of A Feather
6. Tela >
7. Split Open And Melt >
8. Have Mercy >
9. Piper >
11. Split Open And Melt >
12. Slave To The Traffic Light
13. Good Times, Bad Times

Stream Moves Like This, The Cars First Album In 24 Years

The list of things that are worth a twenty four year wait is pretty minimal. Of course the list would include sex, going to Benihana, a Who's The Boss? movie and a new album from the band that definitively proved being a rock star can land you a ridiculously hot girlfriend. Fans of the new wave legends will be pleasantly surprised to hear the latest addition to The Cars discography, Moves Like This, which is set for a May 10th release, picks up right where 1987's Door To Door left off, at a synth party. Thanks to Rolling Stone you can now preview the album in it's entirety for the next week, and while I may only be halfway through my first go around I can firmly declare so far so good. And yes, there will be hand claps.

Click this awesome link to open up a new window with the stream, then party like its 1985. Wait, what are you doing? Where's your monocle? Everyone wore a monocle in 1985, haven't you ever read a science book?

Gary Busey Has Been Cast In Piranha 3DD

With little more than a sentence stating the news, Variety may have made one of the biggest announcements of this young millenia.

Gary Busey has joined the cast of The Weinstein Company's ''Piranha 3DD.''

Pic, currently in production in Wilmington, NC, bows Nov. 23.

Obviously nobody wanted to wast time with extraneous details as all that really matters is covered in the sentence. It's safe to assume the Variety staff was having a celebratory party at the time as well because really this is probably the best thing they've printed in years, at least since the announcement of Teach: Tony Danza. Let's hope this works out a bit better than that.

A couple suggestions for possible Busey roles as I'm yet to find any info online. Bullet points obviously, the Buse don't rock it any other way.

  • Himself, duh.
  • Former stunt boat driver that saves the day by jumping a boat pulling the super piranha into a fiery explosion. Clearly this should be a trick jump with super flair.
  • Legendary baseball manager in town during a short Spring Training break that needs to motivate the group by giving lots and lots of inspirational speeches.
  • Member of the Hell's Angels that doesn't know how to swim.
  • Paparazzi trying to photograph Tony Danza who has taken out a private boat with tons of strippers against the Sheriff's wishes.
  • Blind fisherman.
  • Drunk fisherman.
  • Angry fisherman.

I really think Gary Busey is a versatile actor, especially when playing a fisherman. He just has that look.

Stream The First Two Songs From Dawes New Album Nothing Is Wrong

It's no secret that we here at SHA have been enjoying what the brothers Goldsmith have been putting down both in their awesome debut album North Hills as well as their contributions to the greatness of the self-titled Middle Brother debut. Finally we can start to get rid of the debut labels as the Los Angeles based four piece have recently announced their follow-up album Nothing Is Wrong. The eleven song set hits shelves June 7th but this being the internet era and all we have the first two tracks from the new album streaming below in all their California sounding glory. The new album's opener "Time Spent In Los Angeles" I found while looking for the second track "If I Wanted Someone" on Soundcloud. Of course the band had some say here too as the album announcement was met with a widget to download the latter track, which is included below.

A quick look at the tracklist below should give Dawes fans even more familiarity as "How Far We've Come" has long been in the live catalog, not to mention the appearance of the fantastic "Million Dollar Bill" which closes the previously mentioned Middle Brother album. Good times. The band has a busy summer ahead including multiple festival appearances as well as a nationwide tour with our favorite ginger singer that doesn't play a Languedoc, Brett Dennen. You can check out all the official dates at the Dawes site.

Time Spent In Los Angeles

If I Wanted Someone

And for those that would like to download "If I Wanted Someone" here's the Dawes certified widget.

Choreographer/Composer John Jacobson Has Double Dream Feet

It's not everyday that you discover a man as great as John Jacobson, then again it's not every day you see a YouTube video of a choreographer teaching an original dance to accompany one of his own compositions. It's even less often, presumably somewhere in the "not every month" cliche, that you see the aforementioned situation dressed in khakis and a nice green polo, but it's definitely a pleasant surprise. As a warning this is totally SFW but there is a serious amount of flair heading your way. Now if you'll excuse me I've got some snap kick work to do. [via the daily what and presumably my nightmares for the next few months]

SHA Takes On The NFL Lockout With The Bad News Bears

I'm not a scientist, and believe me this would all be a lot easier if I were just a thawed out caveman, but again, that is not a crutch I can rely on. Instead I'm simply a guy that has watched one (thousand) too many movies and killed one (million) too many brain cells. But this is America last I checked, and as far as I can tell the Roman Empire will crumble soon enough so I am here to layeth some trutheth downeth Gwyneth style.*

The current strife in the NFL's ongoing labor dispute seemed eerily familiar, so much so that I had to drunk dial YouTube a few times last night to make sure it was cool if I came over. Spoiler alert it was, and I did, and in my visit I found exactly what I was looking for. Now before I give away the goods like Suri Cruise to Jaden Smith in ten years, I should set the table. The breakdown is simple, or at least the simplified version I am presenting is, and believe it or not somewhat justified on both sides. Owners want to get richer as rich people tend to do and a good way to help that is to stop paying rookies a million dollars for every bench press they do at the combine. Players on the other hand want to have some security since they are putting their well being at risk and all, so guaranteed contracts would be a pretty nice change. But keep in mind the players would be playing right now, they aren't responsible for the lockout anymore than I was responsible for Target being closed when I showed up there Easter morning with a zombie like craving for Little Caesar's. Damn you diminutive Caesar and rising from the dead Jesus!

Anyhow this is actually a lot more complicated than my simplified look, but it gets you a good idea that there legitimately are valid reasons for both sides to stand pat. This is what happens in negotiations. Then court got involved. The players union decertified so individuals could sue on the grounds that they were being refused the opportunity to work, or something along those lines, again no frozen caveman lawyer here. That's why you see the lawsuit using the big names like Brady, Manning and Danza. Fast forward to yesterday when Judge Nelson ruled for the players lifting the lockout, which was met with an immediate appeal by the owners. Nothing major here really right? Just more court rulings in store, apparently the judicial system was partly designed for dealing with American sports. Then commissioner Roger Goodell put on his best David Stern impression and posted this nauseating op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal. Seriously, how does Tiger's marketing team have so many clients?


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