Head Count All Stars Honor Phish

The "Head Count All Stars" played some Phish tunes at the Jammy's before the Phish boys came out for their lifetime achievement award. Jake from Umphrey's was on guitar and I proceeded to bang my head against the wall for three hours straight when I found out he was playing the songs. Not to mention that ninja warrior Joe Russo was manning the drums. Here's some of their version of Run Like An Antelope. Unfortunately Jake is offscreen for most of the video.

Breaking Steve Sanders news!

It's about time I start hearing some actual Steve Sanders rumors. Supposedly Jennie Garth is going to play a guidance counselor. I have a hard time believing Kelly Taylor ended up being a guidance counselor so I am pretty sure they can have Steve play the Mr. Belding role. Now that is casting. The guy that did Veronica Mars is doing the show so I guess we can count on a lot of twists and uber-stereotypical characters!