Awesome Casting

Gary Busey Has Been Cast In Piranha 3DD

With little more than a sentence stating the news, Variety may have made one of the biggest announcements of this young millenia.

Gary Busey has joined the cast of The Weinstein Company's ''Piranha 3DD.''

Pic, currently in production in Wilmington, NC, bows Nov. 23.

Obviously nobody wanted to wast time with extraneous details as all that really matters is covered in the sentence. It's safe to assume the Variety staff was having a celebratory party at the time as well because really this is probably the best thing they've printed in years, at least since the announcement of Teach: Tony Danza. Let's hope this works out a bit better than that.

A couple suggestions for possible Busey roles as I'm yet to find any info online. Bullet points obviously, the Buse don't rock it any other way.

  • Himself, duh.
  • Former stunt boat driver that saves the day by jumping a boat pulling the super piranha into a fiery explosion. Clearly this should be a trick jump with super flair.
  • Legendary baseball manager in town during a short Spring Training break that needs to motivate the group by giving lots and lots of inspirational speeches.
  • Member of the Hell's Angels that doesn't know how to swim.
  • Paparazzi trying to photograph Tony Danza who has taken out a private boat with tons of strippers against the Sheriff's wishes.
  • Blind fisherman.
  • Drunk fisherman.
  • Angry fisherman.

I really think Gary Busey is a versatile actor, especially when playing a fisherman. He just has that look.