Awesome Graphs

Awesome Graph: Dexter's Victims

This infographic documenting the kills of Dexter on the hit Showtime series is informative, pretty, and a tad bit overwhelming, much like Sally Craven back in junior high. I'll never forget that time she learned shorthand to give me better notes when I had the flu, last time I ever saw her. There's a very good chance Dexter got to her after that because I'm pretty sure "Super notes" are a clear violation of the code.

Follow this link for a version that should require less squinting. [via unnreality]

Awesome Graph: The Spielberg Of Success

This one is pretty self-explanatory although the iceberg doesn't really work for me considering there's that iceberg related movie that has nothing to do with Spielberg. I of course am talking about the wonderous Asylum production Titanic 2 which stars Shane Van Dyke, grandson of Dick, who also wrote and directed the masterpiece. Take that Mr. Spielberg and your lazy producer director combo.  [via screencrave]

Awesome Stuff: Platypus Keytar Venn Diagram Shirt

Finally the famous platypus keytar mystery has been unraveled through the magical world of Venn Diagrams. The design "Math" comes from Tenso Graphics who are undoubtedly fans of 80's synth pop. If you love this as much as I do you probably want it on a shirt, and thanks to the wonderful people over at Threadless that can now be a reality. If you don't like wearing shirts with Venn Diagrams on them you can also find some laptop and iPhone skins of the design over at Society 6, but I feel you're missing out. Chicks love Venn Diagrams.

As if anyone could resist this much awesome.  [via the daily what]

Awesome Graph: Circumstances Where Whipping It Should Be Considered

Between this and last month's Proper Usage Of "Oh Snap", I am slowly running out of things to figure out in the world. If someone could just make one of these for The Greatest American Hero theme song that would probably solve all of my problems and would help cut down on some hospital bills. Picking the wrong time to go "walking on air" can prove quite costly.   [via buzzfeed]

Awesome Graph: Proper Usage Of "Oh Snap"

This may be the most important scientific discovery of the modern era, at the very least since Tivo. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been sitting around wanting to go all "Oh snap" on someone but fearful that it just wasn't the proper time and then I would fall victim to one of those infamous snap-backs you here about so often. Thankfully with this trusty flowchart in tow I will no longer be a prisoner to the world of "Oh snap".  Look, over there, it's some nerds.   [via the daily what]