New York Knicks

Jimmy Fallon Channels Eddie Vedder With Linsanity Infused "Jeremy"

Jimmy Fallon once again brought the thunder in his pop culture cover song while impersonating a legendary artist bit, this time focusing on everyone's favorite Harvard basketball player Jeremy Lin. The wonderful cover choice was none other than Pearl Jam's "Jeremy", a not so subtle nod to the fact that if the media doesn't stop talking about Lin like he's Tony Danza, Jimmy Fallon is going to go all high school shooting on our asses. Thankfully he gets the message across in the poignant nod, going so far as to call the New York Knicks latest overhyped sensation a Harvard nerd. Your move Louis Skolnick.

As an aside it's still worth pointing out, even after the years of proof we now have, that Jimmy Fallon has the best talk show on television. Jimmy Fallon, for reals.