Ron Swanson Country Singer, Dragon Safety Wanter

The great Nick Offerman and his almost equally awesome wife Megan Mullally have released what may be the most important music video of the year. You probably don't believe me or at least assume a great bit of hyperbole but that's before you realize it's called "Wings Of A Dragon" and answers two of the most important questions mankind has long needed answered: What happens when a paleontologist loves a creationist and how did Noah fit two dragons on his boat?

Don't forget to bow down to your good Lord Offerman at the 3:34 mark.

Best Idea Ever, Trade Fat For Boobs

I've been waiting for something to replace the totally outdated and painfully overused comparison of great things to the advent of sliced bread.  Now I don't know about you but I'm fine with rolls and hell, I'll even eat a sandwich on a bagel, so I don't really think sliced bread is all that necessary.  In fact, I prefer rolls.  But this, this is something I can get behind.  That's what she said.

A medical group in Britain is planning, within the next few months, to offer women the chance of having naturally created breast enlargements, using fat that has been removed from other parts of their body.

The procedure has been hailed as a "two-in-one op" which removes fat from where it is not wanted and uses it to create larger breasts that have a more natural appearance and feel to them than those enlarged using synthetic implants

Yep, you read that right.  For the expected price of £8,000 ($13,200) you can trade fat for boobs.  And guess what, it makes people feel better too.  A 34 year old woman in England had this to say after treating herself to some hip boobs.  (boobs from hip fat, check out that pun!)

I would never have considered having a breast implant, but a natural way of increasing my bust size was like a dream come true. I wanted a very natural increase of just one and a half cup sizes, which returned my breasts to their pre-childbirth form. Getting rid of my muffin top [fat around the waist] and getting my breasts back in one operation was incredible

I don't even know where we go from here.  This is a pretty great invention/idea/life changer.  Maybe next we will find a way to excercise by sleeping, or to dial the phone without using our hands, but for now we will just have to settle for this. And when we do finally have our next great breakthrough, it will be the best thing since turning fat into boobs.