Visual Effects

Check Out A Reel About The Visual Effects In Black Swan

We posted a similar video to this a while back featuring some of the effects done on the HBO show Boardwalk Empire, but this here is for an Oscar contender, although not for effects, simply for being a really good (albeit ridiculously over the top) film. It's easy to forget how much visual effects work is done on what seems like the most straightforward character driven films, but as this reel from Look Effects about the work they did for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan shows, even the indies get their fair share of computer magic.

And yes, the cunnilingus scene needed some effects.   [via ropes of silicon]

Check Out Some Of The Visual Effects From Boardwalk Empire

Hopefully you've all had the chance to check out HBO's awesome Boardwalk Empire, but even if that's yet to tickle your fancy there is still some awesome behind the scenes stuff in this video. Basically it's just a clip of some of the work done by Brainstorm Digital for the show's first season featuring before and after shots that are kind of mind blowing when you think about it. And all this time I thought there was a cool enough boardwalk they cleaned up, silly me.  The good thing is I'm now convinced more than ever I can film that intergalactic epic I've been working on entirely in my bedroom, except for the sex scenes of course. Mom doesn't allow that.  [via vulture]