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Conan O'Brien Names New Show After Iconic Schwarzenegger Role

Earlier today over at Team Coco, the awesome cult's fiery haired leader revealed the name of his new talk show on TBS. The show doesn't start until November 8th but now we have a much better idea of what we can expect from the show, at least if the title means anything. Clearly in a nod to one of the most iconic roles of The Governator's career, O'Brien has announced that his new show will simply be called Conan as the inclusion of "The Barbarian" part would clearly have turned off women and younger viewers. Either way I'm pretty pumped the talk show host is going to have a bit more of an action/adventure flair than in year's past. You can check out the fancy little announcement video below, you know, if you're in to that sort of thing.

It's All Happening! First Trailer For Teach Tony Danza

Holy wreckingballs of awesome is today a special day. Ladies and gentleman, it is Super Hella Awesome's great pleasure to present you with the trailer for what is sure to be this millenium's defining television show, A&E's new reality series Teach Tony Danza. It's no secret that we here at SHA love Tony Danza more than a donkey loves getting his tail pinned on him, but what is a bit of a shock is how the show actually looks pretty legit. Everybody knows Danza knows how to dominate a sitcom or talk show, but reality tv star is a new jacket for the former Who's The Boss star to wear. Fortunately it looks like the best looking jacket in town.

The Danztasitc goodness premieres on A&E Oct 1st at 10pm. Unfortunately there are only seven episodes, but hopefully this catapults Tony back in to the spotlight and he lines up a few movie deals and his own sitcom next year. Don't forget about our ode to all things Danza on a stick over at our somewhat defunct but not for long mini-blog Danza Creepy Shed Kabob. Thanks to Futureman for the heads up.

Danielle Staub Has The Voice Of An Angel Of Death

There are so many real housewives on television that it's hard to keep up, but apparently this is one of the really annoying ones. Hailing from the New Jersey version, Danielle Staub is now using her fame to launch a music career. This performance of the reality tv star's single "Real Close" is nothing short of spectacular. First you have the incredible dancers getting you loose, then you get Staub'd in the heart when the sultry siren lets out her angelic voice.  [via warming glow]

Kenny Powers Gets All Scientific In New K-Swiss Ad

As you may remember from the incredible video of Kenny Powers meeting with K-Swiss executives, the rocket armed mullet owner is now a company man. The good thing is he's an amazing salesman, so much so that I've already ordered my own set of Tubes. This is the longest of the commercial spots and features all three of the campaign's athletes which includes NFL players Jeremy Shockey and Patrick Willis, as well as MMA fighter Urijah Faber.

Not sure if he ever officially took up scientistery but KP certainly knows how to rock a lab coat. Also amazing dumbbell explosion.

Rachel Zoe Is Literally Retarded

I'm not really all that sure who this Rachel Zoe reality lady is besides literally the most annoying person on the planet and methinks something to do with fashion but the fact of the matter is she is literally retarded. The video is literally mind-blowing. Literally my mind has been blown to thousands of bits scattered across my floor. It makes me just want to literally die. If I don't die I'm literally going to crap out this video later. Steven Seagal literally hates this so much he won't even make sexual advances anymore.   [via warming glow, literally]

Kenny Powers Has Some Awesome Ad Ideas For K-Swiss

I love everything about this campaign so much it hurts. I'll go ahead and give you the NSFW warning on the video but this is Kenny Powers we are talking about here, one of the greatest athletes of his generation, and a very creative wordsmith in his own right. With the looming September 26th return of HBO's Eastbound & Down, I'm very happy to report to you that this isn't just a one and done Funny Or Die video. It's a legit, incredibly awesome K-Swiss ad campaign that will also feature NFL players Jeremy Shockey and Patrick Willis, as well as MMA fighter Urijah Faber.

Also no mercy to be had by the Tubes, not today.

Dexter Is Feeling A Bit Guilty In The Season 5 Trailer

For anyone that watched season four of the Showtime original Dexter, it's probably safe to assume that the fifth season's premiere can't get here fast enough. While we still have to wait until the September 26th premiere to see how Dexter Morgan handles the extremely precarious situation he walked into at the end of last season's finale, the network debuted a teaser trailer of what's to come in the fifth season last week at Comic-Con and it seems the special guest star this year is guilt.

Check out the footage below but keep in mind if you're behind on your Dexter watching this is going to be pretty spoiler heavy, and considering how incredibly awesome season four was I would tread lightly if you're interested.

HBO Sends Michael Mann And Dustin Hoffman To The Poneys For Luck

HBO has added another original program to their already stacked lineup, again teaming up with a high profile director, this time in the form of grit aficionado Michael Mann. After vieiwing the pilot the network ordered the David Milch scripted series Luck that stars Dustin Hoffman and offers a glimpse in to the world of horse-racing, or more specifically "characters who are tied to the same horse-racing track".

“Michael Mann delivered a pilot from David Milch’s brilliant script that took our breath away,” said HBO's programming president Michael Lombardo.  “We are truly excited that these two artists, and our extraordinary cast headed by Dustin Hoffman, will be bringing Luck to life.”

The cast for the pilot, penned by Milch and directed by Mann, also includes Dennis Farina, John Ortiz, Kevin Dunn, Richard Kind, Jason Gedrick, Ritchie Coster, Ian Hart, Tom Payne, Kerry Condon, Gary Stevens and Nick Nolte. Jill Hennessy guest stars. Milch, Mann and Carolyn Strauss execitive produce, with Henry Bronchtein co-executive producing and Hoffman producing.   [via deadline]

Can't find anything to fault here. Competent director, competent actors, freedom of HBO, and the endless array of entertainment that is "racetrack patrons". Nice to see Nick Nolte in the game, adding to that is IMDB listing his character as "The Old Man". I think that's a burn. Hoffman will play Chester 'Ace' Bernstein which sounds an awful lot like the guy that told me to bet on Cooper's Caboose in the third last weekend. Worst part is Margaret Cooper was with us so everyone got on board. I knew it was a bad idea, Margaret has a terrible caboose.