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The Sharktopus Trailer Should Win The Nobel Prize For Awesome

The internet has been pretty excited about a few movie related things the last few days. The release of Christopher Nolan's eagerly awaited Inception hits at midnight, we just got our first actual look at David Fincher's The Social Network, those that like the funny got a peak at Todd Phillips' latest Due Date, and Comic-Con and all its news breaking glory starts next week. With all that being said, and admittedly each having its own tent in Awesome City, I feel I must warn you that the small screen's most exciting movie event of the summer just molested my eyes with its tentacles in the new trailer for SyFy's Sharktopus.

As you may recall the film is set to star none other than Mickey Rourke's good buddy Eric Roberts as a research scientist that develops a secret military weapon that is Sharktopus. As with all great movies about a hybrid shark/octupus, the weapon breaks free of control only to wreak havoc on the beaches of Mexico. Why Mexico? Little know fact but Sharktopus loves Tecate, and really, who doesn't. No release date as of yet but we will let you know as soon as we do.

I'm not sure who to thank for the best trailer ever besides Tony Danza and the SyFy channel, but whoever is responsible for the amazing theme song should not go unnoticed.   [via the live feed]

HBO's Boardwalk Empire Opens For Business September 19th

The incredibly awesome looking new HBO show Boardwalk Empire has just announced an official premiere date of Sunday September 19th at 9PM. Our feelings are pretty well documented about how awesome the Steve Buscemi starring show looks, but just in case you wanted to get a little bit more familiar with lead character Nucky Johnson I have included a character based promo video below.

The combination of fancy threads, bootlegging, hookers, and gambling has me all sorts of riled up. Amazing eyebrow owner Martin Scorsese is set to direct the pilot episode with Allen Coulter and Timothy Van Patten, who both worked with co-creator and writer Timothy Winter on The Sopranos, each directing some of their own episodes after the fact. Looks like Football Sundays just got a pretty amazing nightcap.

Richard Dreyfuss Joins Weeds As An Unexpected Character

Showtime just announced that the man who once played Dr Leo Marvin in the cinematic masterpiece What About Bob? will be appearing in at least four episodes of the upcoming sixth season of Weeds. The extremely vague description of the character Richard Dreyfuss will be playing says he "will play an unexpected character from Nancy Botwin’s past". Well then, why not just give away the entire plot.

The new season of Weeds premieres August 16th at 10pm. Additional guest stars along for the ride this season include returning guests Alanis Morissette and Jennifer Jason Leigh, as well as newcomers Linda Hamilton, Peter Stormare, and the legendary Mark-Paul Gosselaar. It is totally fair to call him a legend, he was in the Zack Attack.

Mike Judge Is Working On New Beavis And Butt-head Episodes

There's not too many rumors out there that could get someone like myself more excited than the following bit of info that isn't even being touted as a rumor. Go ahead, take a gander in all its uh, glory. 

REVIEWniverse has exclusively learned from an anonymous source that Mike Judge is currently outlining 30 new episodes of his iconic animated comedy Beavis and Butt-Head for its native network.

The source conceded that plans for actual broadcast are not yet cemented, or even a given, but confirmed that the King of the Hill/Office Space/Idiocracy maestro is definitely in the midst of writing new B and B material with the hopes of a full-throttle return.   [via examiner]

Well then, this just became a really kickass Wednesday, like that time Kelly Felcher let me touch her butt in fifth grade. So what if she sat in pudding and I was helping her clean it off, touching is touching and I touched. It seems impossible to imagine MTV passing on this unless they run out of room for ripoffs of the rest of their horrible shows.  Either way it's probably safe to assume that both Beavis and Butthead will start taking over social media and the rest of the internet sooner rather than later so go and get your Metallica and ACDC shirts ready.   [via the daily swarm]

The Mad Men Seduction Mashup Wonders If You're Amish

Everyone loves Mad Men. It's like caramel apples, but a television show about advertising people in the 60's. If you're only experience with the show is the following mashup done by youtube afficianado kryanjones, you might mistake it for the most sexist show of all time. Granted that might not be a mistake.

There's some real flattering stuff in here although I'm thinking the Amish comment is probably the best considering they don't have electricity and stuff. Part of me wishes the maniacal laughing bit looped on for a bit longer but all things considered I'd still say something sexist and make forceful advances with this video if it were, you know, not a video or something.     

Also my dad patented "would anybody mind if I take off my pants" back in 1983 so I should have some pretty sweet royalties rolling in sometime down the road. Thanks pop.   [via warming glow]

Elijah Wood To Star With A Pot Smoking Dog Named Wilfred

Aside from what I presume is a plethora of shrimp and Barbies, Australia has a couple other things going for it. Add tv show about a talking, pot-smoking dog that doesn't require animation or fancy effects to the list. The show in question is called Wilfred, and amazingly it has been around for a while, but since I'm American, and for the most part ethnocentric, I was unaware of its existence until now.

Why now you might ask? Because they're making a US version for FX. On top of that it looks like Frodo is leaving the shire for his first television series.

Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood is set to make his series debut with a lead role opposite Jason Gann in the FX comedy pilot Wilfred, which is based on the acclaimed Australian series of the same name, co-created and starring Gann. David Zuckerman, who wrote the adapted pilot script and serves as executive producer, describes Wilfred as comedy “about a guy, Ryan (Wood), the girl next door, and mixed-breed dog, Wilfred (Gann), who is part Labrador retriever and part Russell Crowe on a bender.” Randall Einhorn is directing the pilot, which will be filmed this summer.   [via deadline]

Sounds good, and the clip below is definitely up my alley. Obviously I have a soft spot for people in dog costumes that are ridiculously smug and have bongs made out of water bottles, but honestly who doesn't? Elijah Wood can actually be kind of funny when he's trying to so hopefully this is as good as it sounds like it could be.

Here's some of the original Australian show. Keep in mind Jason Gann, the guy playing the dog, will also be occupying that role in the Americanized version. 

Syfy Announces B Movie Mogul Otherwise Known As Best Thing Ever

If you have followed this site for any amount of time it should come as no secret how much we love terribly awesome movies, even moreso the unabashed version which have become a staple of the Syfy channel's Saturday night programming. The cable network is taking their creature-feature specialities to the public with a new website that will allow fans to help create a brand new Syfy original.

Cross a dinosaur with a modern predator for us Hollywood Reporter:

The network is launching a production site, B Movie Mogul, where fans can vote and pitch ideas for the film, from title, creatures, wardrobe, dialogue and character deaths to promotional taglines. The resulting "script" will be shot as a two-hour Syfy original movie to be released next year.

"We constantly have fans e-mailing with compliments, complaints and questions about our movies, and this is a way of involving the fans in a new way," said Thomas Vitale, executive vp programming and original movies. "This is where entertainment is going and just the start of many more things of this nature for Syfy."

Syfy is teaming with entertainment site IGN on the site; the partnership will last 15 months and launch Friday. The first stage will have fans voting on one of three overall concepts for the movie: a 2010 apocalypse story, a Bermuda Triangle-set creature feature or a Roswell, N.M.-set alien movie.

It's hard for me to find anything not to love about this idea. It's going to be like Snakes On A Plane times ten million, and hopefully some of you SHA loyalists will get in on the fun. If we're lucky casting will also be controllable and finally Tony Danza will make his triumphant return to comedy as the local barber that has to hunt down some bio-engineered zombie alien unicorns that play marbles with human eyeballs for money.

Eastbound & Down Returns September 26th

The second season of HBO's Eastbound & Down, which will see Kenny Powers in the Mexican League, has an official premiere date thanks to a new little teaser commercial which you can see below. Danny McBride will return as the burnt-out star on September 26th in addition to new cast members Michael Pena and Ana de la Reguera. Hunter Stephenson over at Viceland recently made a visit to the set in Puerto Rico that resulted in the amazing picture you see above featuring super fan Stevie Janowski "alongside a mean-ass new character". Best mustache ever, he's clearly a bat boy.

Julia Stiles Is Going To Be A Mysterious Young Woman On Dexter

Showtime has just officially announced the latest addition to their hit show Dexter in the form of Julia Stiles. Mild spoilers for anyone that didn't watch last season loom ahead so tread lightly weirdos. According to the press release Stiles will appear in ten episodes as "a mysterious young woman who forms a unique relationship with Dexter in the wake of the death of his wife." Production of season five is set to begin later this month and will air in the fall.

In my head it seems like too soon for a true Dexter love interest considering Rita's death and why it came about, so what could it be? I'm guessing they use the kids to somehow forge the bond, possibly she's a teacher, soccer mom, nanny? She definitely has to be outside the police world or else the show might as well change its name to CSI:Serial Killer. It's going to be tough to top season four with the incredible Lithgow performance, so it'll be interesting to see which direction the story goes.

Also if any of you out there hate that 10 Things I Hate About You movie, more specifically Stiles character in the film, this is probably your best bet in ever seeing that person tortured and killed.

A Bunch Of Stuff About AMC's New Show The Walking Dead

AMC has released a whole bunch of promo material this week for the latest addition to their killer original programming, the Frank Daranbont produced adaptation of Robert Kirkman's zombie comic book series The Walking Dead.  The show officially started production this past Wednesday in Atlanta for what is currently set for a six episode season.  Just to get it out in the open I should admit I'm not much of a zombie guy, but AMC's track record with Daranbont behind the show are more than enough to get my hopes up, not to mention the stuff making the rounds looks pretty awesome.

To give you a quick rundown filled with enthusiasm you can check out this behind the scenes featurette where Daranbont explains that he wants to "do for zombies what Mad Men has done for advertising." Alrighty then.

As you probably assumed, the lead image is actually one of the titular Walkers and they look sufficiently creepy. Add to that this collection of some concept designs for the zombification process and you can start to get a real sense for the gritty tone they are going for. You can check out the individual stages here.

That's not all as Vulture recently sat down with series creator Robert Kirkman for an interview that amps up the excitement levels even further which you can check out here. For more info on the show, including more pictures of the Walkers like above, check out the official blog over at AMCTVThe Walking Dead, starring Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Laurie Holden, is set to premiere in October.