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Jason Patric Joins Diane Keaton And Ellen Page In HBO's Tilda

We haven't had a chance to talk about the upcoming HBO show Tilda yet so let's go ahead and remedy that. The lastest news is that Jason Patric has signed on to star as "Andrew Brown, the mastermind behind the media empire RMG, which Tilda is trying to expose the inner workings of." The titular character Tilda, to be played by Diane Keaton, is a Hollywood blogger loosely based on Deadline's Nikki Finke. Ellen Page will play Tilda's morally conflicted assistant Carolyn.  

The cast is certainly shaping up nicely as it also includes Wes Bentley. Patric was probably the best thing about The Losers as the morally bankrupt billionaire bad guy, and this role seems like it could share some similarities in a good way. The show's IMDB page currently lists series co-creator Bill Condon as director with filming on the half hour comedy set to begin later this month in Los Angeles.    [via deadline]

Texans Really Love Criminal Minds, Don't Care About Tornadoes

I had no idea Criminal Minds had any passionate fans, but this recent complaint to some Texas cable company certainly seems to prove at least one exists. While the caller's sanity can be called into question, it's pretty clear that the Criminal Minds season finale is the most important thing in her entire world. Presumably she also loves the 142 cats that live with her, but that should go without saying.

Truth be told it's hard to fault a lady for missing out on some special Joe Mantegna time, so I understand her plight. What I didn't expect was the ingenious idea to have emergency news broadcasts wait until commercial breaks. That's the kind of critical thinking that, wait a second, is she secretly the one responsible for the tornado? And that is why she has no fear of said tornado? And she's calling in to try and get the warning cancelled so her tornado of doom can commence dooming? A true criminal mind. Well played crazy Texan, well played.   [the daily what]

Conan O'Briens New TBS Show To Debut November 8th

During today's TBS Upfront Presentation, the network announced the premiere date for the new talk show from beautiful hair owner and sometimes talk show host Conan O'Brien. Deadline even highlighted some of Conan's best jokes from the presentation, which was super nice of them.


"If anybody can explain what the fuck happened four months ago? The plot to Lost is more plausible than the last year, it makes more sense."

"For the last 12 months, I signed on as the host of The Tonight Show, I launched The Tonight Show, I left The Tonight Show, I grew a beard, joined Twitter, launched a nationwide comedy tour, joined the Obama administration as under secretary of the interior, resigned in a sex scandal, perfected the mechanical human heart, and here I am at TBS."

On his bearded look: "I look like the Brawny paper towel guy before a bone marrow transplant."

He closed with the song On the Road Again, a number from his live comedy tour. Among the reworked lyrics:

"My own show again, I can't wait to have my own show again... My own show again on any network even Oxygen....I'd change my sex if I have to... Off the road again, please get me off the road again... I’m sleeping on the bus with 27 men, I'd sell my soul to have my own show again."

The article goes on to say how George Lopez recycled the bad jokes he has been telling all summer about the new late night team, I'll spare you those jokes. You'll be able to catch the first episode of Conan's new still untitled talk show on Monday, November 8th. I'm guessing you'll be able to catch some Will Ferrell right around that time too.

Also I don't know about you other west coasters but George Lopez airs on my DirecTV early because of the time zone difference.  Hopefully that continues with Conan airing at 8pm out west as well.

Check Out Some Clips From Will Arnett's New Sitcom Running Wilde

A while back we made mention of the comedy pilot Will Arnett was working on with Arrested Development cohorts Mitch Hurwitz and Jim Vallely.  Well the show has since been picked up by Fox, given an official title Running Wilde, and added some other cast members including Keri Russell of Felicity fame. Considering Will Arnett plus anything is awesome we figured you might want to check out some clips from the new Fox show. I'm currently leaning towards this might be great, and at the very least really good.  Hopefully that's as right on as I was about predicting Tony Danza's comeback in 2011.

Ruuning Wilde will air on Tuesday nights at 930 after the painfully boring sounding new sitcom Raising Hope

Stephen King To Appear On Sons Of Anarchy

Whenever I'm watching an episode of Sons Of Anarchy I usually only have one complaint, needs more Stephen King.  Truth be told I can never get enough of Mr. King, he's like the scary writer version of Tony Danza, or mahi mahi. Either way looks like we will get to see the spook master kicking it with some bikers this fall according to Entertainment Weekly.

King, who is a columnist for Entertainment Weekly, will play a quiet loner who appears in Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) time of need. The producers learned that King was a fan of the drama, so they reached out to the author for a possible cameo. King will appear in the third episode.

Awesome. Casting King as anything but a quiet loner would seem risky, and now we get to have him deal with Gemma? Color me tickled. Legendary actor Hal Holbrook has already been added to the cast for the third season as Gemma's dad, and series creator and all around badass Kurt Sutter recently announced that James Cosmo has also been added. Cosmo will play Kellan Ashby, "an irish priest connected to the RIRA". No word yet on if Conan O'Brien will be accepting his open invitation.

Sons Of Anarchy's third season is scheduled to premiere this fall on FX.

Angry Ginger Is Still Really Mad At South Park, Proud Of "Race"

There was a lot made about the recent South Park epsiodes that got that radical terrorist site to spew some hate and thinly veiled threats. While I am in no way claiming that their threats should be ignored, I'm starting to get the feeling that the real danger may lie in the scariest of "races", Gingers. Here is their sure-to-be-serial-killer-if-he-isn't-already leader making yet another plea with South Park to leave his "race" alone. This kid is angry, I mean me after they cancelled The Tony Danza Show angry. Seriously, the fact that this kid's parents let him have a video camera let alone computer access after his last several rants is mind blowing. I'm guessing they're in the south, or as my friend Pablo likes to call it Ginger Country.

Also is "ginger and proud of it" the best sign off ever for a stop calling us gingers rant?

Paul Rudd Has A Really Awesome Computer, Dance Moves

It's easy to be cynical and hate on celebrities and all the incredibly awesome perks that go along with that sort of lifestyle. I for one loathe organic food just because it seems snotty. Truth be told we would all love these perks, none more than having a super computer am I right? As this little video from Tim And Eric Awesome Show proves, Paul Rudd may just have the greatest computer in the entire universe.

Also killer dance moves.   [via warming glow]

The Incredible Blah Even Recycles Jokes For White House Dinner

Any way you slice it this is embarrassing. First off why in the world is The Incredible Blah at the White House Correspondent's Dinner? I get that he hosts the Tonight Show, he made sure people realized that, but what I don't get is why anyone would allow him near the President. I hear his chin is contagious. Either way here is some video of The Blah doing his thing, and you know I'd only post it if there was something ridiculous behind it. There is.

This montage done by the fine people over at Politico shows the Blah telling jokes at Saturday night's event, in front of the President of the United States. So what material does the Blah bring aloong? Recycled material, 100%* recycled. Seriously. What makes it even more amazing is that he delivers them like a 4th grader giving a speech, almost as if he has to read them because he didn't write them, granted it's really hard to tell jokes a second time. There's also some funny in the fact that not one of the jokes is actually funny.

If a "comedian" can't be troubled to come up with new material for the President, surely we can't allow them to be on television. I'm feeling some kind of Executive Order in the near future, the anti-Blah. I guess it's possible The Incredible Blah is just really into saving the environment.

*The percentage is really irrelevant considering he was in front of the President of the United States.   [via warming glow]

Greg Kinnear As JFK, Katie Holmes As Jackie For History's The Kennedys

It seems like there are a bunch of film projects in development based on the Kennedys, looks like we can add television miniseries to the club too.

Greg Kinnear, Barry Pepper, Katie Holmes and Tom Wilkinson  are set to star in the upcoming HISTORY eight-hour, scripted mini-series based on The Kennedy family, THE KENNEDYS. The announcement was made today by Nancy Dubuc, President and General Manager, HISTORY.

Mr. Kinnear will play the role of President John F. Kennedy. Barry Pepper stars as Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Ms. Holmes will play First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Tom Wilkinson will portray Ambassador Joe Kennedy, Sr.  The miniseries will premiere on HISTORY in 2011.  [via deadline]

This will mark the first scripted miniseries for the network and their casting choices are interesting to say the least.  The obvious questions for me are the two most famous roles, Kinnear as JFK and Katie Homes as Jackie. Pepper and even moreso Wilkinson seem perfectly suited for their respective roles. Usually the programming the History Channel spits out is pretty top notch, and the series will be penned by Stephen Kronish, who has written for 24 and MacGyver among other things, so I'm pretty excited about this project overall. What are your thoughts on Greg Kinnear playing JFK?

Kenny Powers Is Headed To The Mexican League

There is good news and bad news to this story, so let's get the bad news out of the way. It sounds like the new season of Eastbound & Down will not feature any of the old characters aside from Kenny Powers and his superfan Stevie Janowski.  In laymans terms that means we probably won't be seeing much, if any, of Craig Robinson, Will Ferrell, or sadly even Katy Mixon.  So there you have it, the bad news from the that really sucks department. Fortunately we saved the good news.

Deadline is reporting that Michael Pena and Ana de la Reguera have signed on for the new season, which sees Kenny hiding from all of his problems in Mexico, where he joins a local baseball team. Pena will play one of Kenny's friends who also happens to be the owner of the team that Kenny joins. De La Reguera, who played Jack Black's love interest in Nacho Libre, will do the same for Powers.

The article also mentions that casting is underway for Kenny's dad. This seems like a pretty plum role and the casting should be pretty fun, with the obvious choice being Gary Busey. Little known fact but he had a hell of a spitball back in his day.