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Little Danson Man Features David Cross, Really Small Ted Danson

The simplest cure for whatever ales you is always Ted Danson. Be it a case of the mondays, getting attacked by a gila monster, or decapitation, a healthy serving of Danson will immediately remedy the situation. Until now I had never thought of what kind of impact a little Danson would have, but I'm guessing it is about the same.

The clip below is from last night's Tim and Eric Awesome Show and is a fake trailer for a movie I desperately want to see. The pitch presumably was "Honey I Shrunk The Kids with Ted Danson", which is about as fine of a pitch as I can think of sans Danza.

Also "the star of the cheers has never been smaller".   [via gawker]

Shatner And Asian Whitney Houston Bowl Cut Guy Sing A Duet

To be fair I haven't watched much of George Lopez's show mostly because I don't think he is funny or interesting. According to my sources there are some people out there that are in the same boat. Fortunately the internet is there to alert us to the awesome stuff that comes from unusual places.  Look no further than William Shatner's recent appearance on Lopez Tonight that sees the amazing crooner share the stage with that asian dude that did Whitney better than Whitney.

The bowl cut's name is Lin Yu Chun and he really pours his little heart into their take on Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Shatner does his standard beatnik drunken sailor spoken word bit which is as awesome as usual, if not moreso paired with Chun's energy. It seems pretty clear that whenever science figures out how to clone humans we should make about two million Shatners.   [via warming glow]

Hal Holbrook Going Biker, Signs On For Sons Of Anarchy

I'll be the first to admit I'm usually a bit late to the good television shows on cable party, but what I lack in speed I make up for in consumption.  I can now say with absolute authority that Sons Of Anarchy most definitely qualifies as Super Hella Awesome.  I would make the argument that it's the second best show on television these days, which in a lot of ways is really like being the best show on television because South Park is just on another level.  Either way the Sons Of Anarchy cast just got a bit older and awesomer.

The Wrap is reporting that legendary actor Hal Holbrook has signed on for a four episode run on the new season. This is no run of the mill old biker role either, as the 85 year old Holbrook will be playing Nate Madock, who is the father of Katey Sagal's Gemma Teller Morrow character, who is without a doubt the biggest badass on the show and possibly all of television. Production for the third season of the FX drama is scheduled to begin today with an aim for an early Fall premiere date.

A Couple Sweet South Park Interviews For Tonight's 200th Episode

Tonight will see the airing of the 200th episode of the best show on television, South Park.  To commemorate the occasion a bunch of people are running stories about the show's creators and official jedis of awesome, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  If you like listening to really smart funny people talk about things you might want to check out a couple of my favorites.

The video below is from an interview with Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin that details tonight's episode as well as some general thoughts about the show's history.  It's pretty awesome to actually see how much Stone and Parker care about their show, they're like the anti-Jay Lenos.

Pitchfork also sat down with Matt Stone to focus a bit more on the musical aspect of the show. The entire interview is a kick ass read for anyone that is into that stuff so I won't spoil it with my favorite parts here, which would probably just end up as a cut and paste of the entire thing anyway.  You can read that bad boy over here.

I know I know, it's also the 200th night in a row that I banged your mom.  I guess duel celebrations are in effect.   Burn notice.

Conan Headed To Cable, New Talk Show Will Be On TBS

Team Coco is back.  The long rumored Conan O'Brien to Fox stuff can end now as TBS has swooped in and signed O'Brien for an hour long late night show that will air on the channel starting in November. Considering how awesome Conan has been about this whole thing it should come as no surprise that his official comment is just as special.

"In three months I've gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I'm headed to basic cable," O'Brien said. "My plan is working perfectly."   [via thr live feed]

Conan's new show will serve as a lead-in to Lopez Tonight, the George Lopez talk show, which will move to the midnight slot.  I'm still trying to figure out if I love this news or am scared of it, either way we should be getting some televised Coco before the year is out, and the fact that the show will run on cable should allow for some serious leeway compared to the major networks.  

Watching The Mega Piranha Trailer Will Make You A Better Person

Good lord this is awesome.  A few weeks back I posted a couple sneak peak videos of the newest addition to the SyFy Big Monsters Club, Mega Piranha, which is set to make its debut this Saturday.  Just as one of the many examples of the movie's greatness, they put the full length trailer up today, two days before the premiere.  That takes serious cajones, or just a lot of confidence in your work. Fortunately in this case I think it's clear the team behind Mega Piranha have both, and why wouldn't they? There are giant piranhas, and they can fly, and Tiffany, and Greg Brady.   

Seriously, this trailer gives the Alien vs Ninja trailer a serious run for its money.

Showtime Orders William H. Macy To Be An Alcoholic, Shameless

For those of you out there that love William H Macy as much as I do, today gives us reason to celebrate.  The owner of one of the world's greatest whispy mustaches, when he feels so inclined, will now be on a television show playing an alcoholic dad.  It's even going to be on Showtime so it probably won't suck.  Praise jebus.

Pay cabler has given a 12-episode order to a darkly comic drama series starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum from Warner Bros. TV and John Wells Prods. Macy plays Frank Gallagher, the alcoholic patriarch of a large blue-collar family in Chicago. Rossum co-stars as the eldest daughter, Fiona, who is tasked with raising her five siblings.

"Shameless" is based on the British TV series of the same name. Creator Paul Abbott co-wrote the pilot for the U.S. adaptation with Wells and will serve as an exec producer on the series. The pilot shot late last year was helmed by Mark Mylod ("Entourage," "United States of Tara").  [via variety]

Somewhere later in the article the producer references the show as "Party Of Five on acid".  I was never a fan of Party Of Five but I am a fan of acid so I guess we can just cancel those out.  Macy can literally play anything and this sounds like a role that is destined for an emmy nod, as well as some classic youtube montages of a passed out drunk.  Color me inebriated.  We'll update you with more when we hear it.

Craig Ferguson Welcomes Geoff Peterson, Robot Sidekick

Here is the awesome opening monologue from last night's very special episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  The reason for the specialness, aside from Craig finally admitting how they get his audience, was the debut of the new robot sidekick Geoff Peterson.  

You may remember this story from a while back, Mythbusters Grant Imahara offered to build a sidekick if Ferguson could get him 100,000 twitter followers.  Thankfully for the world, Ferguson was indeed able to get the followers and in turn Imahara did indeed build a robot, which has since been named Geoff Peterson, because what else would you possibly name a robot sidekick. 

The monolgue above is really funny and formally introduces Geoff Peterson so you should check it out, but for those that need immediate gratification here he is in all his robotic mohawked glory.  [via warming glow]

Endless Caruso One Liners Is Endlessly Entertaining

This video is old and its got like four million views so you've probably seen it, but I hadn't until today and I've probably watched it twenty times since.  If you feel like watching dramatic pauses, the putting on of sunglasses, and unbelieveably dramatic deliveries of one liners I recommend hitting the play button for seven minutes of pure Caruso bliss .

Phil Dunphy Is An Amazing Rant Writer

If you enjoy laughing at funny well constructed characters while watching television, you undoubtedly enjoy the greatness that is Modern Family.  While there's a lot to like about the show, my personal favorite would definitely be Phil Dunphy, played with ridiculous amounts of awesome by Ty Burrell.  Little did I know he was also involved with some of the most famous rants in sports history.

The video really just hits all the marks and for me Burrell has absolutely perfect delivery, although he admittedly doesn't do the material justice.  Can you say ESPY in Chinese?