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Eugene Levy Signs On For CBS Pilot Hitched

Lot of pilot news lately but it is that time of the year.  Apparently OC and Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz has a thing for older men with bushy eyebrows because he just cast Eugene Levy in his new sitcom Hitched.

Eugene Levy has been tapped for a co-starring role in "Hitched," Josh Schwartz's multicamera comedy pilot for CBS.

"Hitched," which Schwartz co-wrote with Matt Miller, revolves around a twentysomething newlywed couple who, surrounded by family and friends, are still learning about each other.

Levy will play the groom's dad, a tracksuit-wearing four-times-divorced lothario.  [via the hollywood reporter]

The info really picks up once you get to that last sentence right?  Levy is literally the perfect choice for a tracksuit-wearing four-times-divorced lothario.  I only say this because I'm only on divorce number two.  I've got the rest of it down pat.  Just ask your mom.  Burn!

Spike Orders Golf Pilot Back Nine, Tiger Jokes

You may have heard that Tiger Woods is making his first publicized appearance tomorrow where he will read off a list of reasons why he is a better person that was most likely written by a publicist and lawyer while they were killing puppies.  I wonder how said lawyer and publicist feel about the new pilot that was just ordered by Spike TV that features a sex-addicted golf caddy named Tiger.  Probably not too pumped.

The single-camera "Back Nine" stars "The Dukes of Hazzard" alum John Schneider as Ronnie Barnes, a hard-drinking, larger-than-life, washed-up former U.S. Open champion. He travels the country competing in small-time tournaments with Tiger, his sex-addicted longtime caddy, in order to qualify again for the PGA Tour.

Miguel Nunez is in negotiations to play Tiger in the project written by Jason Filardi ("17 Again") and Mark Perez ("Accepted").

Spike put the "Back Nine" script on the fast track almost a year ago. The sex-addict Tiger-named character was part of that early script and preceded by more than a year Woods' November car crash that opened the floodgates to allegations about his extramarital affairs. Woods is expected to publicly address those allegations for the first time Friday.   [via the hollywood reporter]

The bummer about all this is that if it weren't for all the sexy time with the ladies we'd probably be comparing this to John Daly, which would be awesome.  I'm going to guess this project was put on the fast track when Spike realized just how awesome Eastbound and Down was.  The washed-up athlete is so hot right now.  Either way seems like something to possibly get excited about, we'll keep you updated.

Dinoshark Has A Premiere Date, Plot

While it may not be a Sharktopus, a Dinoshark still sounds pretty badass.  Luckily the legendary Roger Corman made a movie about it for us.

"Global warming causes the glaciers to break apart," Corman explains. "We start the picture with real beautiful shots of the glaciers falling into the ocean. The unborn egg of the Dinoshark that has been frozen for millions of years is released."

"Dinoshark," which debuts March 13, is a follow-up of sorts to Corman's "Dinocroc." Corman originally thought to do "Dinocroc 2," but Syfy executives discovered that, unlike theatrical audiences, TV movie audiences respond better to new-but-similar ideas more than direct sequels.  [via the live feed]

Wow, that is just great.  The entire read is pretty special as it kind of gets into the creative process behind these Syfy gems.  Strangely it sounds a lot like they just combine weird animals, justify the new mashup creature's existence, and then just try and pretend it's real.  Even stranger is that this is the exact same technique I use with my girlfriend.

CBS Orders New Larry Charles Sitcom

It's nice to get news about a new Larry Charles project that doesn't include McG, and here we have it.  Unfortunately it is about a British guy, and you know what they say Lloyd, the French are assholes.

CBS has handed a presentation order to an untitled comedy from "Borat" and "Bruno's" Larry Charles and Ant Hines.

The semi-scripted project, from Sony TV and Tantamount, stars English actor Paul Kaye as a British low-life moving to LA to reconnect with his daughter who is a teen celebrity.

"Da Ali G Show" alum Hines penned the project, with Charles on board to direct.  [via the hollywood reporter]

Not my favorite premise but I can see some room for comedy there.  Unfortunately I know nothing about Paul Kaye but per the always informative and often somewhat accurate Wikipedia.

Paul Kaye (born 1965) is an English comedian and actor. He achieved notoriety in 1995 portraying the character of Dennis Pennis, a shock interviewer on The Sunday Show. Recently he has been known as rude New Jersey lawyer Mike Strutter with his own show Strutter on MTV.

Hopefully this works, we'll fill you in on some more details as they become available.

Preview Some Of HBO's Funny Or Die Presents

The new HBO show Funny Or Die Presents will make its debut February 19th at midnight, and from the looks of this little sneak peak it might actually be worth watching, if you are into the whole paying for premium channels thing.  More Will Ferrell skits on television will never be a bad thing, even if they are mostly just a collection of videos that already exist on the internet.  What can I say, I'm easy to please.  

Hopefully we'll get more stuff along the lines of Office Prank, and "silj" than the never funny hand model joke.  Also old people are gross and they remind us of death.  [via warming glow]

Chris Elliot Doing Rocket Man On Letterman

Here's some nice vintage Chris Elliott for you on this fine Tuesday morning.  Elliott did the whole Will Ferrell night show routine back in the early 90s where he would show up and just get weird for a while.  Mocking ancient hipster William Shatner is this fantastic spoken word Rocket Man.  Mostly just an audition for executives though.  Good times.

Mr Belding Wants To Know What's Going On Here

Leave it to Mr Belding to have a catch phrase I didn't even know was supposed to be a catch phrase. Thankfully it  appears his queries have been answered by the end of the video.  Also, awesome laughing.  [via warming glow but I found a longer video]

And just because I had never seen this picture and was a very big fan of He-Man myself, here is Screech posing with some toys as a youngster.

Tom Haverford's Shock and Awe The Ladies System

I recently had the aural pleasure of listening to Aziz Ansari's standup special Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening.  That's what she said.  For those that haven't checked it out I highly recommend it, it should be on Comedy Central pretty often for the next few months.  

Aziz recently gained some notoriety as Raaaaaaaandy in Judd Apatow's somewhat autobiographical, somewhat unfunny film Funny People, still most people know him as Tom Haverford on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation.  The Haverford character is pretty sure of himself, and thankfully, with this video, he is willing to let us in on some of his secrets.

And what piece of viral advertising is complete without a companion piece.  Here is the trailer for Ron Swanson: Legend Of The Mustache, played to perfection by Nick Offerman.  I would watch the shit out of both of these if they were real.